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Self Catering Scotland

Blogging about out chosen self catering cottages in Scotland which we enjoy staying at, comfort and great views

Scottish Lodges with Hot Tubs – Enjoy a Fly Fishing Experience in a Scotland Loch


In recent years, Self Catering Scotland has become quite popular among holidaymakers. Why; because, at the Scottish lodges with hot tubs, we offer the most peaceful and beautiful surroundings with the ambiance of rural life in a thriving community. In other tourist destinations, you are not given the chance to enjoy a holiday with privacy and flexibility. At the Scottish lodges with hot tubs, we provide adequate living space that allows you more freedom to move around and do what you want.


Fishing as an option to exploring the mountains of Scotland


From the Scottish lodges with hot tubs, the Loch Insh is about 10 minutes away. Aside from being a perfect fishing ground, the loch is also a center for water sports. There is plenty of good coarse fishing available but it is actually the flying fish of Scotland that attracts so many fishing enthusiasts. Bait fishing is allowed at certain times of the year. Your bait can consist of worms, maggots or dead bait because live coarse fish bait is not allowed. If you are after salmon or sea trout you can check with the locals where the sport can be had at the time of the year. With the wide range of lochs to choose from in Scotland, you can always experience a fishing adventure.


It takes practice and persistence to fly fish but with expert guidance, you can have a beautiful experience. In the sport fly fishing, guidance can come in the form of a printed guide that teaches you how to fly fish or a human guide that tells you the best places for fly fishing and teaches you the basics of the sport.


A good guide will teach you how pick a fly rod and where to look for the place where the best fishes are. After the lessons from your personal guide, you become a better sports person. Many self catering cottages offer the services the fishing guides. In some accommodation packages, the fishing guide is included in the price of your stay. If you want to take advantage of a fishing guide, ask whether it is available when you book for a self-catering cottage.

Self Catering Scotland – Christmas Holiday in the Scottish Highlands

We suggest that you start booking now for Self Catering Scotland if you want to spend the Christmas holidays in the Scottish Highlands. We offer a range of luxury cottages Aviemore that are a few minutes away from the Cairngorm National Park and Loch Insh. Scotland can be busy at this time of the year and if you do not book early for luxury cottages Aviemore, you might have to settle for less than the best accommodations.



Christmas in the Scottish Highlands


There are many places all over the world where you can spend the Christmas holidays but very few can match the experience provided by the Scottish Highlands. Generally, many visitors make an effort to visit Scotland but more particularly during the holidays because of the famous Scottish hospitality and party nights. However, take note that holiday packages and accommodations are pretty high during these times of the year. Once the snow starts to fall in the Cairngorm National Park, it will mark the start of the skiing season and if you have not booked early for the luxury cottages, you might be forced to settle for bed and breakfasts or the all-inclusive resorts. If worse comes to worse, you might have to pay extra for a holiday package.


One of the highlights of a Scottish Christmas holiday is the chance to see the Northern Lights or the aurora borealis. This spectacular light show takes center stage and many visitors from afar travel to Scotland to see this event unfold before their very eyes. The display lasts for hours in the north and western portions of Scotland. Residents and visitors alike are treated to a display of green, pink and purple colors as particles collide in the atmosphere. Many professional photographers travel from different places in the world just to witness and capture the natural phenomenon.


Visitors can enjoy the best deals in Scotland from October to March because of the unpredictable weather. However, once snow starts to fall, both amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders flock to the Scottish Highlands to try their hand on the slopes. There are days when outdoor activities are impossible but is gives you the chance to sit back and relax in the luxury cottages Aviemore.


Luxury Cottages Aviemore – Your Home Away from Home


Scotland is a well-known holiday destination because of its stunning views and the potential for outdoor entertainment. There is a great selection of Self Catering Scotland that has been designed for luxury and comfort. At Self Catering Scotland cottage we have made sure of the essentials like sauna, hot tub, entertainment system and all the usual items that can be found in a home.  When you step out of your front door, you will be immediately treated to the magnificent view of the Cairngorm Mountain range.


The appeal of self catering cottage


If you are planning on a vacation and desire an accommodation that feels more like a home, your best option is luxury cottages Aviemore. If you have not tried staying at a self-catering cottage, it is similar to a home experience where you have the run of the place but in new surroundings. You will get a real insight on the Scottish way of life because you will meet some of the neighbors when you shop for your food at the markets or nearby shops. Generally, luxury cottages Aviemore are fully furnished and include high end kitchen equipment so that you can conveniently cook your own meals. The dining room is large and offers a stunning view of the outdoors from the patio area. If you are not in the mood to cook, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can sample local cuisines. You have the freedom to come and go as you wish to enjoy all the activities that Aviemore has to offer.


Snow sports at the Cairngorm Mountain


Cairngorm Mountain is one of the main attractions of Aviemore. It holds snow well throughout the winter season which makes it very interesting to skiers and snowboarders. There are over 30 kilometers of ski runs with a fully maintained snow board fun park that is suitable for both amateurs and professional snow boarders. Glenmore Forest that is located at the foot of the mountains is an ideal place for cross country skiing and offers endless opportunities for ski touring and back country exploring. However, before you start exploring, make sure you have the right equipment and you are know how to use it.

Self Catering Scotland – Luxury Holiday Cottages for a Rare Holiday Experience


Where do you usually stay when you go on holiday? Why not try Self Catering Scotland for a change? We offer Self Catering Scotland – Luxury Holiday Cottages so that you can experience the best kind of accommodation during your holiday. We provide you access to facilities and amenities that can maximize the fun of your vacation. Just give us a call or send us an email so that we can arrange for a luxurious self-catering cottage that will suit your requirements.


Luxury self catering cottages vs. luxury hotels


Hotels are very popular for holidaymakers in Scotland but while the rooms are comfortable and the service efficient, Self Catering Scotland – Luxury Holiday Cottages deliver a better experience. First of all, in self catering cottages, you have the freedom to come and go as you please because you do not have to be back at the hotel for your meals. Luxurious and high end kitchen equipment is present in luxury self-catering cottages which means being able to cook your own meals from locally purchased ingredients. You can take inspiration from the environment and try the traditional Scottish recipes from the fresh produce sold in the local markets. You can even ask the locals a thing or two or how to cook their traditional cuisine.


Most hotels do not allow pets. There are pet friendly self catering cottages where your pets can stay with you instead of being left behind in pet hotels or kernels. Pets are very important particularly for the children who will be heart-broken if their pets are left behind while they are enjoying the Scotland holiday. However, be mindful of the regulations of the owners so that you will have a stress-free holiday.


Self Catering Scotland are more spacious than hotel suites. You also enjoy more privacy and there are no curious guests following your every movement. In luxury self catering cottages, you will feel like royalty with the comfortable beds and wide windows where you can watch the magnificence of the surroundings. Life is short and sometimes you owe yourself and the family some form of luxury even briefly.