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Self Catering Scotland – Christmas Holiday in the Scottish Highlands

We suggest that you start booking now for Self Catering Scotland if you want to spend the Christmas holidays in the Scottish Highlands. We offer a range of luxury cottages Aviemore that are a few minutes away from the Cairngorm National Park and Loch Insh. Scotland can be busy at this time of the year and if you do not book early for luxury cottages Aviemore, you might have to settle for less than the best accommodations.



Christmas in the Scottish Highlands


There are many places all over the world where you can spend the Christmas holidays but very few can match the experience provided by the Scottish Highlands. Generally, many visitors make an effort to visit Scotland but more particularly during the holidays because of the famous Scottish hospitality and party nights. However, take note that holiday packages and accommodations are pretty high during these times of the year. Once the snow starts to fall in the Cairngorm National Park, it will mark the start of the skiing season and if you have not booked early for the luxury cottages, you might be forced to settle for bed and breakfasts or the all-inclusive resorts. If worse comes to worse, you might have to pay extra for a holiday package.


One of the highlights of a Scottish Christmas holiday is the chance to see the Northern Lights or the aurora borealis. This spectacular light show takes center stage and many visitors from afar travel to Scotland to see this event unfold before their very eyes. The display lasts for hours in the north and western portions of Scotland. Residents and visitors alike are treated to a display of green, pink and purple colors as particles collide in the atmosphere. Many professional photographers travel from different places in the world just to witness and capture the natural phenomenon.


Visitors can enjoy the best deals in Scotland from October to March because of the unpredictable weather. However, once snow starts to fall, both amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders flock to the Scottish Highlands to try their hand on the slopes. There are days when outdoor activities are impossible but is gives you the chance to sit back and relax in the luxury cottages Aviemore.