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Self Catering Scotland

Blogging about out chosen self catering cottages in Scotland which we enjoy staying at, comfort and great views

Self Catering Scotland – Luxury Holiday Cottages for a Rare Holiday Experience


Where do you usually stay when you go on holiday? Why not try Self Catering Scotland for a change? We offer Self Catering Scotland – Luxury Holiday Cottages so that you can experience the best kind of accommodation during your holiday. We provide you access to facilities and amenities that can maximize the fun of your vacation. Just give us a call or send us an email so that we can arrange for a luxurious self-catering cottage that will suit your requirements.


Luxury self catering cottages vs. luxury hotels


Hotels are very popular for holidaymakers in Scotland but while the rooms are comfortable and the service efficient, Self Catering Scotland – Luxury Holiday Cottages deliver a better experience. First of all, in self catering cottages, you have the freedom to come and go as you please because you do not have to be back at the hotel for your meals. Luxurious and high end kitchen equipment is present in luxury self-catering cottages which means being able to cook your own meals from locally purchased ingredients. You can take inspiration from the environment and try the traditional Scottish recipes from the fresh produce sold in the local markets. You can even ask the locals a thing or two or how to cook their traditional cuisine.


Most hotels do not allow pets. There are pet friendly self catering cottages where your pets can stay with you instead of being left behind in pet hotels or kernels. Pets are very important particularly for the children who will be heart-broken if their pets are left behind while they are enjoying the Scotland holiday. However, be mindful of the regulations of the owners so that you will have a stress-free holiday.


Self Catering Scotland are more spacious than hotel suites. You also enjoy more privacy and there are no curious guests following your every movement. In luxury self catering cottages, you will feel like royalty with the comfortable beds and wide windows where you can watch the magnificence of the surroundings. Life is short and sometimes you owe yourself and the family some form of luxury even briefly.