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Self Catering Scotland

Blogging about out chosen self catering cottages in Scotland which we enjoy staying at, comfort and great views

Scottish Lodges with Hot Tubs – Enjoy a Fly Fishing Experience in a Scotland Loch


In recent years, Self Catering Scotland has become quite popular among holidaymakers. Why; because, at the Scottish lodges with hot tubs, we offer the most peaceful and beautiful surroundings with the ambiance of rural life in a thriving community. In other tourist destinations, you are not given the chance to enjoy a holiday with privacy and flexibility. At the Scottish lodges with hot tubs, we provide adequate living space that allows you more freedom to move around and do what you want.


Fishing as an option to exploring the mountains of Scotland


From the Scottish lodges with hot tubs, the Loch Insh is about 10 minutes away. Aside from being a perfect fishing ground, the loch is also a center for water sports. There is plenty of good coarse fishing available but it is actually the flying fish of Scotland that attracts so many fishing enthusiasts. Bait fishing is allowed at certain times of the year. Your bait can consist of worms, maggots or dead bait because live coarse fish bait is not allowed. If you are after salmon or sea trout you can check with the locals where the sport can be had at the time of the year. With the wide range of lochs to choose from in Scotland, you can always experience a fishing adventure.


It takes practice and persistence to fly fish but with expert guidance, you can have a beautiful experience. In the sport fly fishing, guidance can come in the form of a printed guide that teaches you how to fly fish or a human guide that tells you the best places for fly fishing and teaches you the basics of the sport.


A good guide will teach you how pick a fly rod and where to look for the place where the best fishes are. After the lessons from your personal guide, you become a better sports person. Many self catering cottages offer the services the fishing guides. In some accommodation packages, the fishing guide is included in the price of your stay. If you want to take advantage of a fishing guide, ask whether it is available when you book for a self-catering cottage.